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    Joint Custody – Grapefruit-Suckle

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    Joint Custody – Grapefruit-Suckle

    12 Organic Regular Seeds + 4 Blueberry Cookies f3* Freebies

    Father: Grizzly Trap
    Mother: GrapeFruit Krush
    Grizzly Trap= BlackBerry Fire x Tropicana Cookies F2 x Grizzly Kush
    GrapeFruit Krush= Grapefruit Kush x Original Orange Krush
    8-9 week Bloom
    Indica Dom Hybrid
    Medium/High Yield
    Heavy Resin/Trichome Production
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Seeds were created 100% Organically 
    Flavor Profile: Citrus, Sweet, Freshly Peeled Grapefruit/Tangerines, Berries, Fuel, Earthy, Piney, Floral, Coriander, White Pepper.
    -Pest, Disease, and Drought Resistant.
    She is an Intermediate/Easy growing cultivar. Heavy drinker/feeder. She will just about double in size during flower. You can expect Golfball/Baseball sized nugs. Her flowers begin turning purple during weeks 6-7 and finishes off with a beautiful, color fade in her fan leaves during the last couple of weeks. She is a great anytime and social smoke. Giggles, munchies, body buzz, creativity.
    *Blueberry Cookies f3* (Freebies)
    Father: Blueberry OG
    Mother: Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies
    8-9 week bloom
    Heavy Medical Indica
    Medium Yield
    Heavy Resin/Trichome Production
    Difficulty: Easy
    Seeds were created 100% Organically
    Flavor Profile: Fresh Blueberries, Earthy, Mint, Plum, Pine, Cucumber, Floral, & hints of fuel.
    -Pest, Disease, and Drought Resistant.
    Doesnt stretch too much during flower.
    You can expect vigorous growth, and super dense golf ball sized buds. Her flowers begin turning blue/purple during weeks 6-7 and finishes off with a beautiful fade in the fan leaves. She is all about relaxation. Treats chronic pain, insomnia, & anxiety, 
    Munchies, Giggles, Drowsiness, Couchlock.



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