Lempire Farmaseed – Gorilla Princess x Pakistani Citreon (Hashplant #1)


10 regular seeds per pack

Lineage: Gorilla Princess x Pakistani Citroen (Hashplant #1)

Height: 8-10 feet

Weight / Yield: Huge, record-breaking, mind-blowing yields

Time until harvest: October 20

Sativa/Indica ratio: 60/40

Strain Name: Hash Queen 1

Parentage   (   Gorilla Princess   x  Paki 1   )


[High res photo of flower, bud plant and/or bud]


Breeder:  Lempire Farmaseed



Height: 8-10 ft


Yield: Huge, record-breaking, mind-blowing yields


Harvest Time:  Oct 20


Sativa/Indica Ratio: 60/40


Why We Love It (about 200 words)


Durban undertones in this original 1987 Paki Hash crossed with Gorilla Princess from Equilibrium make it a heavy hash plant with a knockout blow. Extremely potent and reminiscent of HP-13 and P-19, this weed is for the prepared stoner. Prepare to be high for longer than you have been and to remember loving it when you wake up tomorrow. High in Delta 9s, she also dumps for hash makers and has been dubbed “beach sand”. Huge neon yields make this beauty fun to grow and clutch for breeding projects.









Aroma: Cheesy hash plant, sweaty phermone


Look:  Yellow neon shiny


Onset: Powerhouse instant high


Duration:        3-5 hours


Experience: Serious pharmaceutical high, good for gut sickness and insomnia, creates munchies



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