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Full Members get everything that Light Members enjoy, which is:

  • Monthly exclusive coupons and/or sales
  • Priority access to non-pays on drops that sell out


  • Free Standard Shipping (or $10 credit towards a shipping option of your choice) on all orders
  • Vault Slot Access
  • 2x the entries into all giveaways, so you start with a minimum 2, and double any others you may get through the giveaway rules

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We will never automatically charge you, so it will be up to you to renew. We will send you reminders, to make sure that it’s not completely up to you to remember! Just know that if you do not pay within 3 days of the due date, you will forfeit that month’s benefits. If you pay after the 3rd day, that payment will be applied for next month’s benefits. Your month is personalized to when you sign up, so it doesn’t matter if it’s at the beginning or end that you start your membership, you’ll get a full month’s worth, regardless (e.g., sign up on 4/20, your next payment is due on 5/20)!

Sign up BEFORE making a normal purchase, because the shipping benefits for Full and VIP members activate AFTER your membership is confirmed. After that, place orders with your membership email, and the shipping credit will be applied automatically!

Cancel or upgrade anytime, as long as there are spots open in the membership level you’d like to join. Along with the benefits listed, we will try to every now and then do special things for members as an extra Thank You for your support!


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