Symbiotic Genetics – Cherry Punch


10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: Cherry Ak-47 x Purple Punch

Indica Leaning Hybrid


A wonderful revamp of classic AK-47! This is one of our favorites to work with in the garden. The colossal buds carry the signature skunky essence of Cherry AK, but with an added silky cherry like sweetness. The high features the crisp euphoric energy of Cherry AK, but with an added undercurrent of sweet soothing indica properties from Symbiotic’s Purple Punch F2 male. We’ve had Cherry AK-47 in rotation for years, so hitting it with the Purple Punch F2 pollen was a real joy for us. Phenotype 15 gave us everything we could of dreamt for in helping develop this strain. It retains the classic aroma & energizing high of AK-47, but with added sweetness and bag appeal from Purple Punch’s Grandaddy Purple lineage.


Cherry AK x Purple Punch F2 bred by Symbiotic Genetics. Our keeper pheno, Phenotype #15, is Cherry AK dominant but has an essence and effect that’s unique unto itself.


The exterior of the bouquet has a smooth velvety cherry-like aroma, but grinding down the buds brings out the signature pungent skunky aroma of Cherry AK. On exhale the flavor is hashy & earthy with notes of classic Hindu Kush.


The high is crisp, coasting, energizing, & euphoric! This one is great for staying productive and in-the-zone. Puts the mind and body in a lifted, enlightened, & focused state without any heavy sedation. This strain is unique in that the high is both energizing and calming. Gets the mind moving without the raciness that comes with Cherry AK-47. Currently our favorite morning smoke here at The Village!   

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