Twenty 20 Genetics – Girl Crush BOGO [6-Pack] (F)


6 (F) Seeds per Pack

Comes with an extra 6pack of Girl Crush

Lineage: Biscotti x Bad Girl

Yield: Above Average (high)

Flower Time: 7-8 Weeks


Attention gas lovers, this is one categorically sexy lady here! She has beautiful purple hues with thick, sticky frost rails that encase her rock hard flowers. Her dense nugs are exceedingly heavy, yet her strong tall stature does a great job of holding them up. She emanates a mesmerizing aroma of licorice, kerosene, and fennel. Don’t be fooled by her good looks and sweet smell, she has exceptionally potent effects that will unquestionably persuade the most seasoned veterans to go straight to bed.

From the Breeder:

We had a simple purpose in mind when we developed Girl Crush. Our goal was to create the most gassy, kushy, potent strain possible and make it viable for commercial cultivation. We hit the nail on the head with Girl Crush!  We used our infamous breeders cut of Bad Girl and reversed her onto one of our favorite gas/fuel/flavor bombs, Biscotti. Bad Girl is one of our all time favorite strains to grow and to breed with and we have had nothing but gems originate from her offspring. Potency tests of Bad Girl are regularly in the high 20’s to low 30’s and we are seeing this trait consistently passed on to Girl Crush. The phenotypic variation on Girl Crush is amazingly low. Expect almost no variation with subtle differences in height and color.

From the Head Grower:

As cultivators, we haven’t been this excited about a strain in a while. The test runs we completed were so successful that we are already planning a massive phenohunt to find a winning cut to grow commercially in our facility. There is no doubt that we will find one. All of the tester plants we grew were large, fast growing, stout, and tall. The bud structure is perfect for mold resistance and the leaf to bud ratio is perfect. They fit all the parameters that we require for commercial production. The gas on these ladies is off the charts so be ready!

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